Our ‘common thread’ is green

One of our pillars.

Attention to sustainable technology

Even if you associate Putman with its corporate colour red, you will find that green is equally important to us. Quality and reliability are paramount in our work, always. That is why sustainability is one of Putman's important pillars. To us it’s self-evident, because with greater attention to sustainable techniques, we contribute to a greener future.

Sustainable climate.

For today and tomorrow

A business complex, office, building, house or you name it... Looking to the future, it is not a luxury to give your installations extra attention. When you ask us for advice, our professional draftsmen will work with you to create a plan to achieve a sustainable design. For years, we have carried the STEK-Sustainably Certified seal of approval. Thus, we provide advice that meets today's needs and takes into account tomorrow's concerns.

Continuing to develop.

The environment demands new solutions

The right heating, cooling, ventilation and humidity solutions are prerequisites for achieving a sustainable climate. But what is ‘right’? Technology is constantly changing and the environment demands new solutions every time. Moreover, each project requires tailor-made advice. That is why it is important that we as installers not only know how to make the technology fit your needs, but ensure it is future-proof. The only way to ensure this is to keep developing and delving into the latest techniques. And we at Putman are happy to do just that.

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