Anything connected to a water supply and sewage system


We make the right links and connections

From fitting and sanitation for bathrooms, to toilets and saunas. Putman not only works with you for renovations and installations, but also for all sanitary work.

By ‘sanitation’, you will probably think of toilets and bathrooms. Which would be correct: those are the facilities that come within the term ‘sanitary installations’. But technically, anything connected to a water supply and sewerage system counts as sanitation. Connecting materials, flushing systems and, of course, water pipes and drains connected in other rooms also belong to sanitation.

Leakage or blockage? We will tackle it!

Besides sanitation work at private homes, we mainly run projects at large complexes, where we deal with large-scale sanitation projects. In our experience, it is not unusual for unforeseen sanitation work to crop up on several projects. But this gives you the assurance that when you engage Putnam in a project, we also have the right knowledge and resources to include such sanitation installations in the process.

Has a pipe suddenly broken? Do staff toilets leak or is a drain in a communal kitchen blocked? We tackle sanitation tasks with both hands.

Sustainability often starts at the tap.

We make sure there is no more trouble

Sanitation facilities in business premises, hotels, fire stations, schools ... No complex is too big for us. Thus, we not only provide sanitation solutions that ensure that water flows properly, but also consult with you on smart sustainable solutions.

Did you know that sustainability often starts at the tap? Indeed, the use of hot water accounts for a very large proportion of the emissions produced by a complex. Whatever the size, Putman knows how to provide the right sanitation solutions for each complex.

Want to know our take on your installation challenge?
Want to know our take on your installation challenge? We are happy to answer your questions.