Increase in subsidy for heat pump


A heat pump is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. With prices rising, more and more business owners are switching to an office heat pump. A heat pump extracts heat from the air, soil or groundwater and turns it into a usable temperature. The heat pump uses electricity, so power consumption increases but in return you don’t use gas.

Compared to a gas-fired high-yield boiler, the CO2 emission due to heating and hot water is much lower:

  • With an all-electric heat pump using ground source, emission is 55% lower
  • With an all-electric heat pump using outside air as a source, emission is 40% lower
  • With a hybrid heat pump, it is 30% lower.

Subsidy increased to €290 million

The budget for insulation measures, (hybrid) heat pumps, solar boilers and connections to a water network (ISDE) has increased to €290 million due to the increase in demands. That is an increase of €62 million. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) says the number of applications for these systems has doubled since last year to 80,000. This subsidy applies to both homeowners and business users, manufacturers, suppliers and construction and installation companies.

Note: You will receive a minimum subsidy of €500 for a heat pump, depending on the model. You are entitled to a higher subsidy if the heat pump was installed after 31 December 2021.

Putman makes sure you always stay warm

You can confidently entrust heat regulation to Putman. We have all the in-house knowledge for standard heat technologies, but we have also mastered the latest techniques. Sustainability is a high priority at Putman. With all the long-term changes and passing of new laws, we make sure that all Putman employees are retrained and have mastered the latest techniques.

When it comes to heat pumps and their installation, we are not shy about calling ourselves specialists. In fact, we have already installed numerous heat pumps in a wide variety of projects. If you have any questions, Putman is here to answer them. Want more information about heat pumps and possible options? Contact us to discuss options free of any obligations!

Want to know our take on your installation challenge?
Want to know our take on your installation challenge? We are happy to answer your questions.