Heating installation

Heat installation and technology innovations are what we are hot for at Putman

Heat systems and installations.

This is how Putman makes sure you always keep warm
From solar boilers and underfloor heating to heat pumps, you can leave heat control to Putman with peace of mind. Of course, we have all the know-how for the standard heating techniques, but we have also mastered the latest techniques. We are hot on innovation within our work. Putman therefore focuses a lot on sustainability. With all the sustainability changes and introduction of new laws, such as the Boiler Act, for example, we make sure that all our ‘Putmen’ are retrained and become masters of the latest techniques.

Have you decided to have your central heating system maintained or replaced?

Old geysers, central heating boilers or poorly maintained appliances, Putman will come up with a solution suited to the size and complexity of your property to be serviced. Usually, replacing these is an inexpensive solution. But what will you choose? A solar water heater even a heat pump? What exactly does a solar water heater do and is it effective for your property?

With the heat pump becoming the new standard, we already dare to call ourselves a specialist in this area, having already installed numerous heat pumps in a wide variety of projects. So whatever questions come to mind when a heating system needs to be maintained or replaced, Putman has honest answers to all of them.

With an honest & critical eye on sustainability

We make sure there is no more trouble
Step by step, we delve into your complex's heat regulation needs and requirements until we have an appropriate installation recommendation for you. A space-appropriate installation ensures that your premises are economically brought to the right temperature, and kept there, all year round. In summer, you don't want to consume energy unnecessarily and in winter you don't want any energy-cost surprises. Even though Putman offers a 24-7 service, we do everything we can to ensure that you have little – if anything - to worry about your heating system.
Want to know our take on your installation challenge?
Want to know our take on your installation challenge? We are happy to answer your questions.