Cooling system
Putman is also a reliable professional in the field of refrigeration engineering

The temperature has to be just right.


Cooling technology artificially regulates the temperature of a room. This can be controlled by a heat pump or chiller. The climate in your business premises, collective premises just has to be right. When a room is properly ventilated and supplied with fresh air, it benefits in so many ways.

Besides the health and productivity of the people occupying the building, a good climate also contributes to the preservation of the building through proper humidity control.

Putman always has a cool head.

Challenges abound when one or more chillers need to be installed. Chillers are colossal machines that need to be placed and installed with precision. Putman has all the expertise to offer you certainty in this. We know the instructions for doing this better than anyone. We know which machines are on the market but also keep ourselves up to date with the latest cooling machines and technology. As a result, we always look for the most efficient chiller and heat pump to suit your project.

Technology lies behind the process, but sustainability comes first.

Physical processes such as evaporation and condensation are the biggest factors in the cooling process. For this physical process to work in a chiller, refrigerant is needed as a medium. The way this liquid keeps changing phase is a technical story.

But more important for you to know is that at Putman, sustainable developments are taking place in this area too. All with a view to limiting environmental impact and safety. Thus, we hold the necessary certificates and are switching to propane as the refrigerant.

Want to know our take on your installation challenge?
Want to know our take on your installation challenge? We are happy to answer your questions.